Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two subcultures I would like to combine are surf culture and pirate culture, as both center around the sea. Distinctive features of surf culture are usually laid back attitudes and everything connected to the surfing sport. Distinctive features in pirate culture are sailing, plundering, pillaging and everything in between.

The surfboard is a main totem for the surfing culture as it is generally seen as the hobby of the culture.
The fencing sword and the wheel of a pirate ship are two totems relating to pirate culture. The two are almost always the main materials in a pirate ship.

The skull and crossbones are the most recognised symbol for pirates. They are many symbols for surfing culture, but waves are an important part and are seen as a symbol.

The colours used will be black, white, brown, red and blue.

Historical Style-
The surfing culture style will be of the 70s to 80s period where it was becoming well know, I will use that period. Pirateting in the colonial days was very big, so that style would be wise to use.

Age Group-
Between the ages of 10 to 18.

Mainly male but with a few female clothing.


Geographical Distribution-
Mainly along the coastlines of countries, Surfers Paradies etc.

Products in Range-
Shirts, Shorts.

Name of Brand-
Seven Seas, Long board, Crows Nest, Short Sword, Mast, Giga Wave, Tital, Riptide.


  1. i like seven seas as a name. suggestion ...walk the plank?
    old celestial/ navigation maps, bootie (pirate treasure) could also be interesting elements. headscarves (bandanas) could be an essential accessory. i will post a pic of alexander mcqueen pirate shoes. vivienne westwood did the pirates during 80s romantic period with adam and the ants and duran duran sporting her fashions.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjYCvC7koBg&feature=related

    Best song ever!! :D

  3. perhaps the treasure map could be the secret surf spots of the world etc