Saturday, October 2, 2010

1. I don't intend to create a label in which appeals to an specific subculture. I aim to create a label that enables individuals to create there own unique sense of style with a range of swimwear inspired from the 50's retro era and other vintage styles.
2. Totems undecided.
3. Flowers, city prints, sailor jerry, patterns of the worlds fav cities eg paris, 50's era, croucher, old school longboard, beach umbrellas etc.
4. Red, navy, white, black, purple and gold.
5. 1950's- film fun magazine, vintage florals, don's day, labels such as whitesands and jcrew,
6. Age range from 16-25+
7. Female
8. Summer and spring
9. Australian beach towns such as Byron Bay, America - California, The Neverlands- Amsterdam
10. Mostly environmental, create an eco-friendly label.
11. Swimwear- 2 piece bikinis, full piece, full piece with ruffled skirts, peggy sue retro, hipster ruffle bloomers etc
12. Crocheted, synthetics, textured….
13. Shipwrecked
Long time no sea
Girl over board
White Suede
Pearl White
14. City prints, vintage floral, retro colours, bold colours, maps

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