Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quake Skateboards - Sam

Skate - Dogtown, Vintage skating, street, invention of skating, 1970's.
Punk theme from 1970's-1980's.

2. Totems?
Anarchy logo, 1970 shape skateboards, earthquakes, skate brands
3. Symbols?
Nautical star, anarchy logo.
4. Colours
black, purple, fluro greens and blues and white.
5. Historical style
1970's. Dogtown - Santa Monica - Venice Beach, Z-boys, 70's Punk.
6. Age Group?
7. Gender?
Both? mostly male.
8. Season?
9. Geographical Distribution?
Santa Monica, Brisbane city, Mermaid Beach, Los Angeles
10. Social, Pollitical or Environmental awareness ?
Political - Skaters against the system. Not believing everything the media tells us.
11. Define the products in the range.
Clothes - vintage, designer
Skateboards - Vintage, 1970's style boards

Hats, bags and shoes.
12. Types of fabrics?
synthetics, blends,textured
13. Name of your brand?
Quake, Hurricane, Tornado, Avalanche, Dizastur, SMD, Evoluzion, Wasted youth, Raw power, Year Zero,
14. themes to explore in fabric fashion range?
Images, prints, textures,
15. Anything else you need to state?


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  1. as this is for wearable it wont include skateboard decks but you could reference them in clothing and fabric patterns. i like your idea of earthquakes perhaps you could look at seismic info graphics or other natural disasters.Quake is my fav name.