Saturday, October 23, 2010

Betty ---- Surf

1 Subculture
Beijing opera, surf, trance

2 Totems
Seahorse, beijing opera face

3 Symbols
Seahorse, beijing opera face, spots, lines,circles

4 Colour
Orange, yellow, blue, black, red

5 Hisorical style

6 Age Group
kids and adult

7 Gender

8 Season

9 GeographicalDistribution
Beach town

10 Social, Political or Environmental awarness
Energe waste

11 Define the products in the range
Swimwear, beach dressing

12 Types of Fabrics
Blends, woven, metallic, textured, spandex, polyester

13 Name of your brand
12.13, Bz, SEAhorse, COOLme, Trance, I MO, Breeze....(still thinking)

14 Themes to explore in fabric fashion range
Abstract retro

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