Monday, October 11, 2010

skateboards by Nari Brown

Skate/surf - Dogtown, , street skating, retro style
2. Totems?
Tikitiki Totem (represents nature), 1970 shape skateboards, Nature.(strong theme)
3. Symbols?
Surf4Life logo. Tribal symbols of the Samoan people.
4. Colours
black, blue, red, green, woodGrain, cool and warm
5. Historical style
1970's. Dogtown - Santa Monica - Venice Beach, Z-boys, 70's.
6. Age Group?
All skaters
7. Gender?
mostly male.
8. Season?
9. Geographical Distribution?
Santa Monica, Brisbane city, Mermaid Beach, Los Angeles, east coast OZ.
10. Social, Pollitical or Environmental awareness ?
-Environmental - Sustainable and healthy living to benefit both nature and human’s.
- & political. –fuck the ploice!
11. Define the products in the range.
Clothes - vintage, designer
Skateboards – old school boards only.
Surf wear – only clothes and apparel. NO SURFBOARDS.
12. Types of fabrics?
synthetics, blends,textured, COTTON
13. Name of your brand?
Brown Brothers Sk8 Boards.
14. Themes to explore in fabric fashion range?
Images, prints, textures,
15. Anything else you need to state?
I will have a fully wooden and polished floor with funky abstract designs for my walls and a single colour for the ceiling.
I will incorporate a strong theme of nature into every aspect of this project I can.

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  1. remember nari its about the clothing and fabrics not the boards. these designs will translate in fabrics. they have a gauguin or hunderwasser feel with colours. look forward to seeing your post of intentions